Meet Steve

Steve Sisolak was born into a working-class family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While they weren’t poor, his parents Ed and Mary toiled to provide for their three children. Steve inherited their blue-collar ethic and worked full-time to put himself through college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Steve then enrolled in UNLV’s Graduate Studies Program, where he received a Master’s Degree in 1978.

A strong supporter of higher education in Nevada, Steve successfully won a seat on the Nevada Board of Regents, the body that oversees our colleges and universities. A champion for parents and students, Steve stood up for Nevadans wrongfully charged out-of-state tuition and fought for increased State funding. He feels so strongly about the quality of Nevada’s schools that both of his daughters attended UNLV. Steve’s daughter Ashley got her law degree from the Boyd Law School and daughter Carley went on to receive her Master’s from UNLV.

After two terms as a University Regent, and 28 years as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Steve was elected to the Clark County Commission in 2008. As Chair of the Clark County Commission, Steve has been a watchdog for taxpayers, even voting against a pay raise for himself and other commissioners. And, Steve single-handedly exposed and put a stop to a scheme, saving millions of tax dollars in the process.

Steve Sisolak has the right experience creating jobs in the private sector and helping successfully manage the state’s largest county government. Now he wants to use his experience and energy to strengthen Nevada’s economy, protect taxpayer dollars, and improve public schools.

Steve is himself a product of public schools, and his own daughters attended Nevada public high schools. As Governor, he will restore funding to at least pre-recession levels and prioritize class size reduction. And Steve will always fight against the diversion of funding from public schools into private schools.

As Governor, Steve will build on his successes diversifying the Las Vegas economy and recruiting new industries in the solar, clean energy, bio-tech and medical industries. As an experienced entrepreneur who started his own small business, Steve knows that a well-trained workforce is critical. He will enhance the State’s role in job training and vocational education while creating well-paying careers for those without a four-year degree.

Through hard work and perseverance, Steve Sisolak created a successful business, improved Nevada’s colleges and universities and led Clark County out of the Great Recession. Now, Steve is running for Governor to ensure all Nevadans have the same opportunities he did – to receive a good education, to land a good job and to protect the promise of Nevada for future generations.